Friday, February 3, 2012

New Favs

Here are some new favs in our family:

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Seriously, this collection of nursery rhymes in comic book form is awesome. Awesome and hilarious. You have to check out the one about Jack Be Nimble—who burns the back right off his pants, and Rub-a-dub-dub—did you know those three guys came out of a potato? All of my kids have been loving this book, so don't think it's just for little guys.

And here's another: The Dragon series books by Jessica Day George:

I haven't read these yet, but Lucy, my daughter, can't get enough of them. She said to me yesterday, "Mom, she's a really good author because the sequels are as good as the first one, and I really loved the first one." High praise indeed.
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And you might enjoy her fairytale retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princess—Princess of the Midnight Ball. It's clean, YA fantasy, which is always worth considering. I read this, and I can be pretty critical of this genre, but I really enjoyed it.
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And finally, I want to share a book and an author that I really love. Her books aren't fast-paced—Plot is not the theme here—but if you love simple and sweet and you also want to expose yourself or your kids to another culture (Taiwanese-Chinese-American), check out Grace Lin. You will finish her books and feel like you've just given yourself a satisfying treat. I've just read her newest one, Dumpling Days:
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And loved it.

And I really loved her Newbery Honor winning book: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
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Again, not fast-paced, but it takes you to a new world, one I had never envisioned before.

What have you read lately that you've loved?


  1. Elsa, who is eight, was a little freaked out by the book A Tale Dark and Grimm. It is very bloody and pretty creepy.

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! You are perfectly right, and I should have mentioned this on that post. A Tale Dark and Grimm is bloody and creepy. I was completely surprised that Lucy liked it so much—she hates even the covers of the Eragon books and won't go near them. I think this book, because of it's narrator, allows for a little distance for some children, but some children might not like it at all.

    Thanks for the great comment!