Monday, May 21, 2012

Some great finds...

Well, it happened. I went to a Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale (for those of you wondering how you can get yourself to one these incredible sales when you're not a teacher, simply volunteer at your local school's book fair. Then you get official permission to go, and it's worth it!).

I wasn't supposed to go. I'm only allowed to go once a year (a self-imposed limit that my husband deeply approves of). They have three big sales a year: May, August, and December, and I always go to the December sale for Christmas shopping. In May and August, I try very hard to pretend that these sales are not on. I try not to think about books. I try not to picture myself driving to the scarier part of town to get to the warehouse (these things are always in the scarier part of town), getting my cart, and roaming the isles. I especially try not to picture myself going to Build-A-Box, where you can spend $25 to stuff a box full of books, many of them hardcovers. You can even tape up the top of that box to add five inches to your shopping spree.

But we had three birthday parties suddenly come up, and I had yet to produce even one present for any of my kids' teachers this year. And family birthdays are on the way... And you can get books as cheap as a dollar at the sale...

So I went. And I only spent a hundred dollars. Only, you say? Yes, only. I've done worse. But I got sixty-five books. Sixty-five books, you say? Why would anyone want sixty-five books? When you hate to shop except for book shopping, it is very easy for you to go crazy while shopping for books. Especially when you find some great, amazing deals in the damaged books section. For example, Mary chose, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for a dollar.
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Ew. I know. I've never read this book, and I've made Mary swear if it makes her uncomfortable in any way, she will chuck it. She just informed me, however, that Elizabeth is not a zombie yet, Mr. Bennet is just teaching her how to fight one. So it's all okay.

But I also found some smashing good books, and I'll share them over the next few weeks to help boost your summer reading lists for yourselves and your kids.

I have a ton to do right now, but I got stuck at the dentist for three hours today (long story—five cavities {I know, "Ahhhh!" but since I previously only had two in my entire life, five's not really thaaaaaat bad... so I continue to tell myself. Besides they're little ones. And my husband has to get a crown. So ha! about that. Plus the hygienist said I actually have very clean teeth}. ANYWAY, while getting stuck at the dentist for three hours, I was sucked into what has so far proven to be one of the most engrossing books I've read in some time:

Reckless by Cornelia Funke, who wrote the great, Dragon Rider.
Clever world, engrossing plot, amazing stakes. I wish I had time to read it straight through right now!
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(Young Adult—probably fourteen and up for most kids. Maybe down to twelve—I hate this age thing, by the way. It depends so much on the kid.)

And I don't think I've ever talked about Chris Riddell on this blog. He and Paul Stewart have written some great adventure series with some fabulous illustrations. This includes, The Edge Chronicles, and Muddle Earth.
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At the warehouse sale I found this newish series by Chris and Calvin loves it. Has already reread the first two books three times. The series is called A Knight's Story. The first book is called, Lake of Skulls (it sounds a lot more gruesome than it is. This is a series for second to fifth grade boys).
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And while we're here, Chris Riddell has created one of our families absolute FAVORITE series ever. The Ottoline series. Please check them out. Girls and boys alike will love it. Kids of all ages will love it.
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More for summer reading to come!

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