Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three Hot Books

A picture book and a middle grade non-fiction and a young adult fantasy walked into a bar and said ouch.

That is my son's favorite joke (the bar and the ouch part). But if these three books walked onto my bookshelf, I'd tell my other books to make way, give them plenty of space, maybe even room to face out, that's how great they are.

This one isn't a new fave, but it is an absolute fave that I don't think I've mentioned before. Big Plans by Bob Shae. I re-found it at the library on Saturday and it is continually in the hands of somebody in our house. I even found the dog sniffing it the other day. (Hopefully not for nefarious reasons)
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Let's just say this kid wants to take over the world and bring a Myna bird with him. And I just realized that Amazon is selling this book at a Bargain Price for $7.20—that's hardcover. Tempting...

Do you have a kid that likes any kind of sports at all? Or trivia? Or humor?

The Secret History of Balls: The Stories Behind the Things We Love to Catch, Whack, Throw, Kick, Bounce, and Bat by Josh Chetwynd.
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Just try it.

And finally, The Roar by Emma Clayton.
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This is pure sci-fi/fantasy excitement, and I enjoyed getting lost in a book I couldn't put down. And you really do love the main characters—the most important thing in loving a book, I think.

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