Monday, August 6, 2012

Mustaches and animals

Do you have kids who like to laugh when they read?

Tom Angleberger is pretty darn funny.

We love his Origami Yoda books
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But we also like this little gem we just got from the library. It comes complete with a glossary of different kinds of mustaches.

I've caught Lucy and Calvin hanging out and discussing mustaches and having quite a good time.

And we've found a darling animal series that Calvin loves despite the fact that he's really too cool and too old for this sort of thing:

Bed and Biscuit by Joan Carris

Welcome to the Bed and Biscuit (Bed & Biscuit)

These books are particularly great for any reluctant boy readers you may have...

Rodent update: Scabbers the rat is now missing again. Lucy got two guinea pigs. One of them died yesterday. There is serious speculation in this household that Scabbers might have had something to do with it as he's been spotted inside the guinea pig cage doing more than just getting food. We're not sure what, we're just sure it's more. 

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