Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Need a mystery anyone? Or perhaps a little fluff?

These two books are being hyped quite a lot right now:

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Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage


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Liar and Spy by Rebecca Stead

They are both mysteries. They are both strange. They both have interesting scenarios, and if you have a kid who loves mysteries, they have to give them a try.

The funnest thing about a good mystery is being a detective yourself and figuring out the mystery before the big reveal. I'd wager most won't figure out either of these two.

And now for some fluff. We've found a new series. And it is fluff. And when I say fluff, I mean fluff.

But fluff is sometimes fun, especially when it is clean, harmless fun you can read while going to the bathroom. Not that anyone does that in this family (Though I may have once caught a young son of mine reading while going to the bathroom. Standing up. He got in trouble for that one because it is difficult to put things in the right place while you are reading. Let alone what can and did happen to the book in the process...)

Goddess Girls by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams.
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With titles like Persephone the Phony and Athena the Brain, you know what you're getting, but the writing is actually pretty good. I know Suzanne Williams and she knows her stuff. Give it to your upper middle grade daughter, especially if she is moping around the house with nothing to do.

If you want to go a bit older—you find these in the YA section of the library—your child (or you) could try the also fluffy Pandora books by Carolyn Hennesy:

With Stellar titles like Pandora Gets Vain and Pandora Gets Angry and Pandora Gets Lazy (?), again, you know what you're getting, but they're not bad. Really. Though why Greek goddesses get Manga-style covers, I don't know. 

Any fluff series caught your attention recently? Better yet, any suggestions on some amazing books we all need to try?

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  1. Lindsay you are awesome. Thanks for the inspiration! Love you guys...even though we never get to see you!