Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hot picks

We just went to the library. Sam is out of town, so on the way home from the library, I may have run to a local fast food place for food because he's been out of town A LOT, and it was either fast food or an unhappy, possibly yelling or weeping, Mom.

When I got home, to my surprise, the library books were torn from my hands. Ripped away. Then we all ate our rather tasteless hamburgers while silently reading books, and I mean silently. It was awesome. Though there might be ketchup on some of the library books for which I apologize and have already attempted to clean up.

I thought I would share what was devoured. This is not necessarily the greatest literature (though some of it is quite good). It is the kind of kid lit that is devoured painlessly.

The sequel to the Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

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Mother-Daughter Book Club Book #4 by Heather Frederick 
(I swear she had two books, one in each hand and she was taking turns. Strange.)

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The Gecko and Sticky: The Greatest Power by Wendelin Van Draaden


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Zita the Spacegirl

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Squish #3

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Dragonbreath #6


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Gumbrella by Barry Root

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Alistair and Kip's Great Adventure by John Segal

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