Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Week of Blogging and picture books

In case my friends with boys don't want to check out books for girls and my friends with teens don't want to read my lists of picture books, here's how I plan to post daily, Monday through Friday:

Monday—an article or general commentary or Lindsay's random rants on education and reading
Tuesday—a list of picture books to take to the library
Wednesday—Books for boys of varying levels (I know people hate this kind of segregation, but it simply is real, and I will always note if a book works great for either gender, as so many do...)
Thursday—Books for girls of varying levels (same comment as above)
Friday—A YA book or a book for grown-ups

I am going into Lucy's class to do "Character Education" today. Again, I didn't like the books chosen for me or the questions they asked, so I am cheating and bringing my own. I only have a half-hour, so I can't possibly get through all of these, but I'll bring them all and just see where the conversation takes us.

The topic this month is love/kindness.

I decided first off not to choose any books with romantic love, though I do have some fabulous ones on that subject (see A Weaving of Words by Robert San Souci).

If you want to spend a night as a family discussing kindness and love, check these books out, but be forewarned—you will probably cry at least once as you read them.

Christmas Day in the Morning by Pearl S. Buck (I cry every time I read this book. Every time.)
You Are My Sunshine by Holly Hobbie (I love Toot and Puddle, and this one really demonstrates true friendship for me)
The Seeing Stick by Jane Yolen (This book also makes me cry, it is so beautiful. An ancient folktale with the most subtle message of love. I can't wait to read this one out loud—and they've redone it if you want to buy this book. I have an old version, which is lovely, but these illustrations look fantastic.)
The Gardener by Sarah Stewart (Okay, I also cry when reading this amazing book.)
Androcles and the Lion by Janet Stevens (I don't cry in this book, but I love it.)

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  1. My grandma reads "Christmas Day in the Morning" to us every Christmas Eve. We all cry every time, too.