Thursday, December 6, 2012

Get thee to the Scholastic book warehouse sale!

I will post pictures and a more detailed post about this as soon as I can. Like tonight or tomorrow, but I just got back from the warehouse sale, and I can say, without hesitation, that this is the BEST year ever for that sale. Some years are better than others—more choices, better prices—but this year there are two key differences that make it a must year to go.

First, Build-a-box.

Build-a-box is always great, and I always manage to fill up one box with books. Each box is $25 dollars, and I can usually get at least 25 books in that thing, but I'm often picking up some books I wouldn't buy if they weren't such a great deal.

This year I filled two boxes and had to agonizingly put back a few books because I couldn't bring myself to make a THIRD box, though I probably could have for gifts. I haven't pulled the books out of the car yet to count (though I will), but I bet I put thirty hardcover picture books in those boxes. Usually I find two or three hard cover picture books that are just wonderful books; this year the selection is incredible. Both boxes were filled end to end with hardcover picture books (with novels smashed on top of them) that I am thrilled to own.

TIP: After you get your books, go up to the volunteers manning the Build-a-box station. Carefully look for volunteers that look extremely excited about making as many books fit inside your box as possible. They are allowed to raise the flaps on the boxes and tape around them so your box is twice as tall, and some of those people are very good at cramming. I lucked out to find a woman who took it as a personal challenge to cram every single book she could get inside my boxes. She rearranged both of my boxes and stuffed things in with an eye that can only come of experience. I will have to post—today—a picture of my boxes. But it is truly incredible.

Second, half off the red stickers.

Scholastic always has red, circular stickers that say final price.... These are usually the best deals of whatever sale you are at: 5.00, 2.50, 1.00.

This year the final price is not really the final price. Every red sticker is actually 50% off, so anything that says 1.00 is fifty cents. 2.50 a 1.25, etc...

Never before has this been seen in the history of all Scholastic Book Warehouse Sales (as long as I've been going anyway).

Get thee to a nunnery or a scholastic book warehouse sale. Immediately!


  1. I found one going on in our area. They make it sound like you have to be an official teacher or educator. Does being a mom count? How does this work?

    1. Stephanie,

      I found out about these probably eight years ago when I was doing a little preschool at home for one of my daughters. I called and found out that I could declare my little home preschool (like a Joy School) a school—I gave it a name which I can't remember—and go in as a teacher.

      Ever since then I have gone every year whether I've been homeschooling or doing a little home preschool or not, because I had a lovely conversation with the warehouse manager there once, explaining my situation as an in-and-out-educator of my children. He said that was good enough for him. Being a Mom counted, in other words. I've even volunteered at the warehouse sale (which gives you even more discounts) when I was "just" being a Mom.

      When I got online today to print off my registration form, I found a million different names on there for schools such as the Smith Family School, and the Wharton Family Learners etc... They are not strict about this—I think it is a way for them to reward book fair volunteers—but if you are uncomfortable, I'm sure you can call your local sale and ask about their requirements.

      It was very crowded today at the warehouse when all teachers should have been at school teaching. And remember that Book Fair volunteers get to go too.

      Good Luck!

  2. There is even a place to sign up as a "school volunteer".

  3. I am utterly alarmed that our local Scholastic Book Fair warehouse was having it's biggest sale of the year and I almost missed it. l4d survival warehouse glitch

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