Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nonfiction and fiction mixed together in fabulous books

These four picture books are worth reading to your older children, and if they don't want you to read them out loud, leave them in the bathroom. Leave them on the kitchen table. Leave them on their beds. Leave them somewhere and your kids will have ten minutes of amazing art mixed with a great story and a real life individual who made a difference in this world!

For the Birds: the Life of Roger Tory Peterson by Peggy Thomas
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Mama Miti by Donna Jo Napoli
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Jose! Born to Dance by Susanna Reich
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Abe Lincoln Tells a Joke: How Laughter Saved the President (and the country) by Kathleen Krull
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  1. Hey Lindsay! Long time no talk! I have been internet stalking you - it's been fun to see what you've been up to. Congrats on your degree! And I love this blog! I'm sure I will visit it again, and that's saying something 'cause I never follow blogs. Can you send me your contact info when you get the chance? I have a very late "holiday" card for you. When will you be in CA next? or UT? I would love to see you!

    Talk to you soon,