Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ottoline: a book about a girl that boys will love

We love the Ottoline books around here.

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Love them.

All of us.

Shaemus asked if he could bring Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell to school today. A book about a girl. Shaemus likes scary, mystery books, by his own admission, and yet, this is the book he wanted to bring.

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(I wish I could make that bigger, but the bigger Amazon picture messes up the format of the post)

Chris Riddell is pretty much awesome in our opinion. If you have older kids, maybe ten and up, especially boys, give them The Edge Chronicles which he wrote with Paul Stewart.

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(They look creepier than they are, I promise.)

Then there's the Far Flung Adventures of Fergus Crane:

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Plus there's Barnaby Grimes:

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And A Knight's Story:

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And our other favorite:

Muddle Earth

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And Muddle Earth Too

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All of these books are chock-full of adventure and chock-full of pen-and-ink illustrations. Get your boys hooked on Chris Riddell and they will be reading for a long, long time.

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