Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's YA and Nonfiction for all

I've been looking for a little lighthearted reading lately, and I stumbled on this book a few days ago. A little espionage, some fun girl-relationships, New York City. And, yes, a little romance. It has been the fulfillment of my not-so-serious quest for a little fun reading.

Kiki Strike by Kirsten Miller
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I started with book three in this series because I didn't have book one and I am one of those people that peeks at the endings of books and doesn't follow proper procedures. Even when installing garbage disposals, but we don't need to talk about that.

But even not knowing what happened in books one and two, I'm enjoying myself. I think this book crosses the line between middle grade and YA, so ten and up? The characters are all girls, but the adventure is definitely great for all sexes. (As if there were more than two...)

And as for nonfiction:

The Case of the Vanishing Golden Frogs by Sandra Markle

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The pictures are remarkable, the story is compelling, and this a quick read for all ages that can get your whole family talking about this amazing world we live in and ways we can take care of it. I think this book would be particularly interesting to pair with a discussion about six thousand dead pigs floating through the main river of Shanghai.

Let's fill our lives with beauty and richness. Let's fill up our kids with curiosity and desire and depth.

Let's read!

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