Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was awesome this year.

Everyone gave me coupons, and I LOVE coupons. 

Sam even gave me coupons to buy books. Fifty dollars at Ollie's and a hundred at the Scholastic Book Warehouse sale. And the promise of Symphony tickets for next year. And it can come out of savings (as I pointed out that it was a great present, but a bit impossible if it had to come out of the budget). 

Plus he gave me, I-promise-to-do-the-laundry coupons. Lots and lots of laundry coupons. Awesome.

After church and food, we went up to Mary's fiddling recital. 

Mary participated in a music competition last Monday, her first competition. She got first place in the junior strings division, and she even won money (which is going to go towards a better violin!). As a result, she has to perform tonight (something she is not so excited about).  We're thrilled she won after so much hard work, but this was a heavy-duty, classical music competition and what she played yesterday was just plain fun:

(Mary's wearing green)

Best Mother's Day present ever.

Afterwards, we came home and had a delicious new salad mix from Costco that is made of Kale and shaved brussel sprouts and poppy seed dressing. Seriously good.

And I got to read this book to Shaaemus before bed:

Product Details
Wilma Tenderfoot: The Case of the Frozen Hearts by Emma Kennedy

He was reluctant at first, because of the girl detective, but it was a mystery, and he loves mysteries. And he loves to snuggle alone with me and read.

What a great day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!!! (Whether you have children of your own or not!)


  1. We love that salad from Costco as well, so yummy! We are about to start reading Wednesdays at the Tower by Jessica Day George for our nightly family reading time. We read Tuesdays at the Castle and everyone loved it. Have you read it?

  2. That salad is good! Way to go Mary! She is amazing. Especially after just going to the 5th grade school band concert :)