Thursday, May 9, 2013

Two New Favorite Series

These two series aren't new, exactly, but they are newish, and I've now read all the books in them, and they are fun, fun, fun. Great for summer reading!!!

I wish with all my heart these books would appeal to boys too, because the adventures in them are for everyone. The Winterling series in particular could be enjoyed by both (the other is maybe too focused on romance and regency England for most boys), but it has a girl on the cover, and I know many boys won't read that.

If you can find some way to disguise it for your boys, do! Or pretend you don't notice the girl on the front and if they complain about it, act surprised they even find it an issue. Or give them a lecture about not judging a book by its cover...

I will stop there.

Product DetailsProduct Details
by Sarah Prineas
Mystery, fantasy, a strong character, tugs from two separate worlds, and my favorite thing of all, a puck named Rook. I love Rook, and I loved him even more in the second book.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

I am not a die-hard middle-grade fantasy fan. It has to be good for me to be interested, and I think I like this series because I like the characters and the writing and the setting (think Jane Austen). Which makes it sound like I pretty much like everything, which I pretty much do. Lucy really likes it too. We're working on Mary, who can take or leave fantasy and generally leaves it.

Definitely worth an examination by any girl (or boy!) 9 and up.

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