Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cold Fusion

That's right, you read the title right. Cold Fusion. This is a completely absurd fact book about Cold Fusion written by the fabulous team at The Haggis-On-Whey World of Unbelievable Brilliance. This book makes no sense. There is a timeline of the history of cold fusion followed by a timeline of timelines.

Read the description below and you'll get a good idea of exactly what this book is about. Sort of.

Ages 8 and up.  (Forgive the terrible picture—check this out for yourself on Amazon)

Product Details

From Amazon:

For many years the scientific and educational communities have wondered and worried about the possibility that semi-sane scholar-pretenders would find the means to publish a series of reference books aimed at children but filled with ludicrous misinformation. These books would be distributed through respectable channels and would inevitably find their way into the hands and households of well-meaning families, who would go to them for facts but instead find bizarre untruths. The books would look normal enough but would read as if written by people who should not have written them. Sadly, that day is upon us. The fourth book in the HOW series, Cold Fusion, is to be feared. Like its predecessors, Giraffes? Giraffes! and Animals of the Ocean, Cold Fusion must also be kept far from the young people in your life. This book reveals the secrets of cold fusion, one of the most controversial scientific pursuits that can be conducted in a bathtub.

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