Saturday, May 3, 2014

Love Among the Walnuts

Another Jean Ferris book today. This book was pure pleasure. Pure absolute romantic fun. If you liked Much Ado About Grubstake or Once Upon a Marigold, you will LOVE this. And your kids will too.
(Your older kids).

New results show that kids have an average of seven or eight hours of screen time per day. This includes texting, surfing the web, instagramming, watching TV, playing video games, etc...

Please don't let this be the case in your house. Empathy comes from reading books. Aesthetic enjoyment comes from quiet thinking. Lives change because of books.

Give your kids books. Buy your kids books. It will, in the end, make all the difference.

Product Details

Sandy Huntington-Ackerman's life becomes increasingly complicated when his bungling, moneygrubbing uncles try to shanghai the family fortune by poisoning a birthday cake. Luckily, those conniving uncles prove yet again that they can't do anything right. Instead of bumping off the whole family, they put Sandy's mom and dad and their pet chicken into mysterious comas. Sandy joins forces with his loyal butler and a wise and wacky nurse to save his parents and squelch his uncles' felonious high jinks.

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