Friday, May 16, 2014

The Stowaways

Occasionally we find a book that everyone wants to listen to out loud. I'm not talking about audio books, I'm talking about mom-reads-a-chapter-or-so-aloud-to-basically-everyone-depending-on-who's-around books.

Calvin is the one who insists on hearing from this book. Shaemus and Flannery have been there for most installments. Mary and Lucy have dropped in and out, but if they're here, and they know I'm reading, they wander in and they stay until I'm done.

The Stowaways is a great book reminiscent of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.

Ages 7 and up.

Product Details

The Stowaways aren t like the other Weedle mice. They are inventive and curious, they go on adventures, and they are much too clever for their own good. In fact, everyone knows that Grampa Stowaway was killed in a trap on one of his adventures. So who would want to associate with a family like that?
   There s something else about the Stowaways. They keep secrets. Rory has made friends with a bird their natural enemy and his twin brother, Morgan, dreams of sailing away. But Gran has the biggest secret of all and Rory has discovered what it is. If Rory and Gran act on their suspicions, will they be heading for disaster? Or will it be the greatest Stowaway adventure of all?

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