Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Most Amazing Book I Have Read All Summer...


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 Do you know the brilliant picture book below and the man who walked between the WTC towers on a high rope?

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The Man Who Walked Between the Towers

Philippe Petit is that man, and the book at the top, CREATIVITY: THE PERFECT CRIME, is a book written by Petit on his creative process. Philippe Petit is an aerialist, a juggler, a magician, a writer, an artist, and a carpenter. He believes deeply and passionately about art and creativity and how to be creative in any endeavor, and he's written a manual for those of us wanting to live as he does.

This is not a book with rules. This is a book describing the fastidious and yet incredibly free and beautiful way that he works. 

I cannot tell you how much this book is changing my life and the life of my kids. We talk about this book all the time. We talk about allowing for chaos, making lists, taking copious notes as we learn and grow. It's about getting deeply involved in our work, it's about working with our hearts and our minds forged together, it's about passion, it's about dedication, it's about the best way to live life. The kids are using it in their studies and in their music practicing. I'm asking them to use it when they "tinker." I'm asking them to think this way as they study their scriptures. I'm asking them to take notes and develop a process for all of their learning.

I'm trying to incorporate Petit's ideas into every aspect of my life, even my spiritual life. I want to be thoughtful and purposeful in everything I do. I want to take the limited resource of time and turn it into a tool that allows me to make the most of this existence. 

Petit is French, and the book is written in an unusual style, but it is worth any struggle you might have  putting his words together into something that makes sense for you.

It is so, so, so worth it.

And don't forget, while you read, to take copious notes!!! You'll be glad you did.

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