About Me

My name is Lindsay Eyre. I'm a youngish but aging writer and mother of five living in the grand but sweaty state of North Carolina. While I'm supposed to be cleaning or cooking or doing other useful things like volunteering in my community, I tend to be reading (to myself or my kids) or writing or daydreaming that I'm flying a jet plane all over the world, dropping wonderful books to children from the sky. The books in my dreams are always packaged nicely and they have little parachutes. Maybe someday.

I've created this blog to help you find books for yourselves and your children. I would love to hear your questions or any of your fabulous book ideas! Anything to help families fall in love with books and then fall in love again and again.

I recently graduated from the Vermont College of Fine Arts with my MFA in Creative Writing for Children and Young Adults.

Here's a picture of my family at my graduation:

And here are some more pictures of my family—every one of us loves to read, though what we love to read and when we read and even how we read are all very different...

Sam and Lucy