Monday, March 26, 2012

Here be Goblins...

I have two random books for you or your kids. I'm still in a monsterish kind of mood—heat in North Carolina does that to me—so the first is a monster story for your middle-grade aged children (8-12), those that like pictures in their novels, enjoy fantasy, and like quirky humor (there are little cheese men in this story that are literally blocks of cheese on legs—these are not just silly cheese creatures, they are regularly hunted by foxes trained in the hunting of cheeses and they are very important in the rebellion of the government).

Here be Monsters, a Ratbridge Chronicle by Alan Snow. Lots of pictures, an entire goofy world, that, to me, was interesting despite it's goofiness. Get on Amazon and click to look inside to see more pictures and get more of a feel of this (rather fat) book.

The next is the first of a really good series called The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy by Clare B. Dunkle. This is pure YA fantasy with lovely romance and very nice writing and even a kidnapping—a romantic kidnapping, no less, but without any bodice ripping. And of course, there are monsters though many of them are the human kind.

Here Be Monsters! (Ratbridge Chronicles)
First edition, hardback cover

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