Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When you're so very tired...

Last night, I was tired. Too tired to think about anything with any degree of logic or wisdom. I couldn't write. I couldn't edit other friend's writing. I couldn't think about my children. I couldn't plan for the future, let alone the next day. And I couldn't start a new book that would require any degree of effort.

So I got out Sanditon. Yes, Sanditon. Sort of by Jane Austen. Okay, the first eleven chapters are by Jane Austen. The rest is written by "Another Lady" according to the text I have.

And yes, you can tell where Austen's writing ends, and the "Other Lady's" writing begins, but it is still a great story. And okay, it is sort of a compilation of Austen's six books to one degree or another, but there are some lovely romantic scenes. Some of my absolute favorite in literature (even though some might not call this literature).

So at the risk of being mocked, I'm going to recommend this book when you want an Austen-ish experience, and you are longing for some great romantic moments. Good for teenage girls too...

Product Details

(Seriously, it says, Jane Austen's Last Novel Completed by Another Lady. I guess if I tried to complete Jane Austen's last novel, I might call myself another lady too.)

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