Friday, June 15, 2012

Lucy's Battle of the Books

This is Lucy's order of favorite books:

#1:Dragon Castle by Joseph Bruchac

This story is about a young boy named Prince Rashko who saves his land and his people from the Dark Lord, or Baron Temny. His brother, his ancestor named Pavol the Good,magic, and a small leather bag helps him succeed.I liked this book because of how the author made the adventure exciting and full of action. He also made it so I understood what was happening.
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#2:The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making by Catherine M. Valente

This story is about a girl named September who discovers Fairyland and learns many things there. She meets the Marquess and makes a few of her own friends. She goes on a adventure to help Fairyland and gets back safely. I liked this book because I could understand the character and her personality. I liked how good and kind she was.
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#3: Titanic Sinks By Barry Denenburg

This nonfiction picture book is about the doomed voyage of the Titanic. It talks about who was on the ship and the building of the ship too. I liked this book because it taught me so many new things I didn't know about the Titanic.

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#4:When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

This book is about a young girl named Miranda who finds out about a mystery and receives mysterious letters from an unknown person. She also makes some friends named Marcus, Annamarie, Julia, and Sal and meets the laughing man. I liked this book because of how it explained what was happening so well and I knew how she solved the mystery.

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#5: Blizzard of Glass By Sally M. Walker

This book is about the tragedy in Halifax from two ship colliding with one of the ships carrying dangerous explosives. It talks about what happens afterwards and how the people survive. I liked this book because I learned so much about something I knew nothing about before. It also told the story very well.

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#6: Emerald Atlas by John Stephens

This book is about three young children who lose their parents, but later save a whole village from losing their children because of the evil Countess and her master. They meet many people and learn many things,including what the Books of Beginning are. I liked this book because the children had such positive attitudes and always stuck together because they were a family.

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So Lucy's Round One Winner:


Dragon Castle by Joseph Bruchac

And here is Lucy:

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