Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Mother's Day Surprise

I have the sweetest mother in the world.

When I wrote this post, I did not expect anybody to get on Amazon and order every single book on that list for me for mother's day.

Imagine my surprise when I opened up an Amazon box, thinking it was full of Shaemus's birthday presents, and found a ton of hardcover picture books, bargain books from Amazon.

I panicked at first. Did I order these and not even realize I was doing it? Has my book buying addiction become such that I don't even know what I'm doing any more?

Imagine my relief and surprise when I discovered a mother's day message from my mom underneath the fat stack of books. Then imagine my joy as I realized all these books are now mine!

Books truly are the best gifts. I highly recommend posting your Amazon wish lists on your blogs and seeing what happens. Thank you, Mom!!!

Already, we have some favorites.

The following books are great examples of nonfiction that grabs kids and sucks them in. These are true stories presented as stories rather than information with occasional photographs mingled in with the illustrations. Shaemus and Flannery and Calvin sat awestruck as I read them aloud last night.

Definitely worth five dollars each or a trip to the library. These are great for your emerging reader because they are filled with fantastic words they need to recognize as their reading progresses.

The Elephant from Baghdad and A Giraffe Goes to Paris by Mary Tavener and John Harris

Product DetailsProduct Details

I can't count the times my kids asked if these were really true stories. The more I reassured them that they were, the more enamored they became!

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