Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Reads for your...

Not so confident reader:

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Heroes in Training series by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

Shaemus and Calvin both love these. With lots of pictures and not too many words, these books are easily digestible, but good for growing readers. And your kids will even learn a little about myths in the process.

Confident reader who will read most anything:
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Dorko the Magnificent by Andrea Beatty  (We love Andrea Beatty—and Calvin ate this up)
Here's the description:
Robbie Darko is a magician. An old-school, pull-a-rabbit-out-of-your-hat-style magician. Robbie loves magic and he’s good at it—sort of. Despite his best efforts, passion, and practice, something always goes wrong with his tricks, landing Robbie in trouble. Enter crotchety Grandma Melvyn, who calls everyone “Trixie” and complains about everything. When Grandma Melvyn moves in and takes over his room, Robbie discovers that she was once an internationally renowned magician and learns about the heartache that turned her into a bitter woman. Against all odds, Robbie and Grandma Melvyn form an uneasy alliance to show the world—or at least the kids of Hobson Elementary School—that he is a true magician. Shortly after a successful talent show, Grandma Melvyn performs a final disappearing act, and Robbie learns a little about the true meaning of magic.

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The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop by Kate Saunders  (Lucy and I loved this!)
Here's the description:
The family of eleven-year-old twins Oz and Lily have inherited it, together with the mysterious shop downstairs. Long ago, the shop's famous chocolate-makers, who also happen to be Oz and Lily's great uncles, were clever sorcerers. Now evil villians are hunting for the secret of their greatest recipe. The terrifying powers of this magic chocolate have the ability to destroy the world.  

Soon, Oz and Lily are swept into a thrilling battle, helped by an invisible cat, a talking rat, and the ghost of an elephant. It's up to them to stop the villians and keep the magical chocolate recipe out of harm's way. Their family and the world depends on it.

Girl reader who loves fairytales (the girls and I thoroughly enjoyed both of these fairytale worlds):
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Handbook for Dragon Slayers by Merrie Haskell

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The Princess Curse by Merrie Haskell (a version of the twelve dancing princesses—so well done)

Your almost a teenager reader who you simply cannot predict:
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Odessa Again by Dana Reinhardt (Mary loved this—and it is not normally her thing)
Here's the description:
Fourth grader Odessa Green-Light lives with her mom and her toad of a little brother, Oliver. Her dad is getting remarried, which makes no sense according to Odessa. If the prefix "re" means "to do all over again," shouldn't he be remarrying Mom? Meanwhile, Odessa moves into the attic room of their new house. One day she gets mad and stomps across the attic floor. Then she feels as if she is falling and lands . . . on the attic floor. Turns out that Odessa has gone back in time a whole day! With this new power she can fix all sorts of things--embarrassing moments, big mistakes, and even help Oliver be less of a toad. Her biggest goal: reunite Mom and Dad.

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Doll Bones by Holly Black (this book was very, very creepy, but good)
Here's the description:
Zach, Poppy, and Alice have been friends forever. And for almost as long, they’ve been playing one continuous, ever-changing game of pirates and thieves, mermaids and warriors. Ruling over all is the Great Queen, a bone-china doll cursing those who displease her.
But they are in middle school now. Zach’s father pushes him to give up make-believe, and Zach quits the game. Their friendship might be over, until Poppy declares she’s been having dreams about the Queen—and the ghost of a girl who will not rest until the bone-china doll is buried in her empty grave.
Zach and Alice and Poppy set off on one last adventure to lay the Queen’s ghost to rest. But nothing goes according to plan, and as their adventure turns into an epic journey, creepy things begin to happen. Is the doll just a doll or something more sinister? And if there really is a ghost, will it let them go now that it has them in its clutches?

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  1. Wow, these all look so fun in different ways! Can't wait to check them out. Thanks for the suggestions:).