Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why do I always do this?

I've overbooked us this summer.

That is so me to do that—and next summer, to erase the damage I've inflicted on us this summer, I won't sign us up for anything at all. I will rotate years. I just do that. I'm an all or nothing sort of person.

So I have thrust my love of classes and signing up for things on my poor children and signed them up for a bazillion summer camps this year.

Because of that, and because Sam is super busy with work right now, this is what I have to do today:

8:15—Drop Mary and Calvin off at music camp.
Come home.
8:45—Take Lucy and Shaemus to school.
Come home.
11:00—Go back to school to read to Shaemus's class at lunchtime.
11:45—come home
3:30—pick Lucy and Shaemus up from school.
Take them home.
4:15—Pick Mary and Calvin up from music camp.
Take Calvin home.
5:15—Take Mary to her viola lesson.
Come home.
6:00—Take Lucy and Calvin to the church for activities and scouts.
6:15—Go pick Mary up at her viola lesson
6:40—Get over to the church to join Lucy's mother-daughter garden party very late
7:00—Take Lucy and Calvin home
7:05—Take Mary to the church for her activities
7:15—Primary Presidency Meeting for Me
8:15—Take Mary and myself home from the church
8:30—Say goodbye to Sam as he heads off for a meeting
8:31—Thunder at everyone to get in bed and be quiet forever
8:32—curl up with a book and pretend that tomorrow is a long ways away.

Most of this is actually not my fault, now that I look at it, and I thought Sam would be around to help with some of this.

All this is to say that I am going to be spending a lot of time in the car this summer.

And that is why Jim Weiss is so important (Man, that's a great frame to start the video with....)

You can buy Jim's audio recordings of Shakespeare, Kipling, Greek Myths, Aesop, history, everything! here:

We listen to them on every long car drive. My kids' absolute favorite is his rendition of The Jungle Book. Worth every penny.

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