Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Family Fiddling Camp and Galaxy Zack

We are at a family fiddling camp in the mountains of North Carolina where it hasn't stopped raining for three days.

Fiddling camp is awesome for the kids, exhausting for the mom who is here by herself until tonight.

But still, reading is happening, because because music, there is nothing else to do here. There aren't even any TVs in the rooms! (awesome!!!)

I'll share my observations on fiddling camp later—plus pictures and videos. But for now, I thought I'd share Shaemus's newest Chapter Book discovery—he wants to get them all:

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Galaxy Zack by Ray O'Ryan

Get to know Galaxy Zack—and his new home planet!—in this start to an out-of-this-world illustrated chapter book series.
In Hello, Nebulon!, Zack makes the big move from Earth. He is already nervous about starting school and making new friends, but it only gets worse when he dreams that his classmates are slimy aliens with tentacles, pizza comes covered in gross bugs, and he can never communicate with his Earth friends again! Fortunately, when Zack arrives at Sprockets Academy for his first day of school, he meets and befriends Drake Tucker, a Nebulite boy who also loves to explore and learn about the planets. Nebulon isn’t as awful as Zack’s dream, but there are a lot of differences between Nebulon and Earth, and they make Zack miss his home in Dubbsville, Texas, even more. But things start to look up when he receives a mysterious surprise. What could it possibly be?

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