Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cheese Belongs to You

Oh, boy is this a good one. Full of cheesy suspense. 

Who will get the cheese? Will it be the hairy rat? The gang of rats? The Boss of the gang of rats? The hairy, dirty, scary, strong boss of the gang of rats?

According to Publishers Weekly, this book rivals Ratatouille. I think it's better. And I also think the hairy rat would make an awesome pet.

For Kids of All Ages

Product Details

From Amazon:

Rat Law says that if you’re a rat, cheese belongs to you. But there are exceptions. For example, if a big rat wants it, cheese belongs to him. Unless a bigger rat wants it, or a quicker one, or a stronger one. And if a big, quick, strong, scary, hairy, dirty rat wants it, well . . . where does it end? A tumble of cumulative adjectives and a frenzy of hungry critters build up to a final note of politeness in a book sure to satisfy kids’ appetites for zany humor.

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