Friday, February 21, 2014

Seven Wild Sisters: A Modern Fairy Tale

This book is strange. It's full of wisdom and mythology and fairies. The illustrations are so gorgeous, they're worth getting the book for alone, but the story had me hooked, as did the beautiful writing. Plus I love the story of the six swans, which this book is based on.

If you have a child who loves fantasy or fairies or just unusual stories, pick this one up.

Ages 8 and up.

Product Details

From Amazon:

When it comes to fairies, Sarah Jane Dillard must be careful what she wishes for. She may have thought she wanted to meet the fairies of the Tanglewood Forest, but that was before she knew the truth about them. When Sarah Jane discovers a tiny man wounded by a cluster of miniature poison arrows, she brings him to the reclusive Aunt Lillian for help. But the two quickly find themselves ensnared in a longtime war between rival fairy clans, and Sarah Jane's six sisters have been kidnapped to use as ransom. Her only choice is to go after them, and with the help of several mythical friends--from the Apple Tree Man to a cat called Li'l Pater--she'll have to find a way to untangle herself from the fairy feud before she and her sisters are trapped in their world forever.

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