Thursday, March 27, 2014

Far Flung Adventures of Fergus Crane

I will just say that Calvin devoured this book. Devoured. Loved it. Excellent adventure. Fabulous pictures. Get it!!!

Product Details

(I wish you could see this picture closer so you could really get a good look at these awesome illustrations...)

Ages 8 and up.

From Amazon:

Fergus Crane has an almost ordinary life—attending school on the ship Betty Jeanne and helping his mother in the bakery. But then a winged mechanical horse appears and whisks Fergus off to meet his long-lost uncle. Not only that, he finds out that his teachers are not what they seem—they're actually pirates! Can Fergus save his schoolmates from the far-off Fire Island? Perfect for 8- to 12-year-old readers, this is a deliciously accessible story.

"Part Dickensian comedy, part pirate adventure."--Publishers Weekly

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