Friday, March 21, 2014

Horrible Histories Handbook of Pirates

I know I've talked about Horrible Histories Ad Nauseum on this blog. I know that, okay. 

But I don't know if I've mentioned their handbooks, and they must be mentioned. Stuffed with interesting facts, Shaemus asked me today if he could create a board game for Social Studies about pirates. He further explained that he wanted to make it about female pirates, but he couldn't find the pirate handbook. Nevertheless, he could remember in great detail the stories of six different female pirates. He prattled on about where they came from and what they did and what the evidence was about them—all from memory. These books stimulate interest in the history of the world and in our world today. 

What could be better than that?

Product Details

Ages 7 and up.

An exciting addition to the Horrible Histories series, these titles will tackle all the hot historical topics in a new full-colour format with durable cover. Beginning with the perennial favourite Pirates, they're all the Horrible History a reader needs in one handy little handbook. Terry Deary reveals the terrible truth behind the lousy pirate legends and lies so forget the brave heroes swinging from masts and the handsome young men sailing the seven seas for this is history as it's most horrible! Readers can decide who was the baddest of the bunch in the top ten of putrid pirates, discover why the women pirates were just as wicked as the men and learn to talk the patter of a Pirate. Plus there are foul facts on the ships they sailed, the punishments they suffered and the rules they lived by. Now the nasty bits are at your fingertips!

Here are a few more of the handbooks:

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