Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blue Mountain

Give this to your animal lover or your adventure lover or your nature lover. Calvin thought it was terrific. He's now writing a book about chimpanzees... Ages 10 and up.

(This is written by Martine Leavitt who also wrote Keturah and Lord Death, one of my top ten favorite books of all time.)

Tuk the bighorn sheep is told he will be the one to save his herd, but he is young and would rather play with his bandmates than figure out why the herd needs saving. As humans encroach further and further into their territory, there is less room for the sheep to wander, food becomes scarce, and the herd's very survival is in danger. Tuk and his friends set out to find Blue Mountain, a place that Tuk sometimes sees far in the distance and thinks might be a better home. The journey is treacherous, filled with threatening pumas and bears and dangerous lands, leading Tuk down a path that goes against every one of his instincts. Still, Tuk perseveres, reaching Blue Mountain and leading his herd into a new, safe place.

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