Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Best Friend Battle is Out!

Hello Neglected Blog!

It's been a momentous few months. Breaking my ankle was supposed to help me get a lot of writing done since I couldn't move anyway, especially on the blog, but I got less writing done than ever. When little people know exactly where you are (the couch), they suddenly have a lot of questions for you. Like every five minutes, someone has a question, very important of course, about something.

Then I broke my arm (we need to move to a one level house). The arm brake wasn't nearly as bad as the broken ankle, but still, there's been some recuperation needed. For health reasons, our family has gotten rid of all processed foods, which has quadrupled my time in the kitchen and necessitated the twelve garden boxes my husband built in the garden a few weeks ago. We are probably going to get chickens... We are insane.

But we have been reading as always, and we are going to hop to it and get back in gear and keep posting our loves. (MS. BUNCLE'S BOOK, for example! I loved it!!! And the DRAGON WINGS series! So many good books!!!)

But I need to post that my book is officially out!

It is more fun than I imagined to have your book actually come out! I'm going to be visiting schools in NC and Utah very soon, and I can't wait to talk with kids.

My next book, THE MEAN GIRL MELTDOWN (Sylvie's second adventure) will be released on August 25th.

If you're interested in having an author's visit at your child's school, follow this link on my website to contact me:


Happy reading everyone!!!


  1. This might sound funny, since I obviously don't know you, but I was so excited to see this post yesterday! I stumbled on this blog in January 2013 looking for book suggestions for my then 10 yr old son. I have loved seeing all of your suggestions and have been checking back every week, hoping you'd be back with more. Also, I am 95% sure I am going to homeschool at least some of my children next year and I really enjoyed your homeschool posts. I would be very interested in reading an update about how that is going, especially how you did it with all of your broken bones! And since I know you have tons of time for writing, not really, I would also love to hear about how things are going cutting out processed foods. We started this about six months ago because of some food issues with one of my sons and it can be a struggle. Most important of all though, congrats on your book! That is so exiting! We are on hold at the library and can't wait to read it. I am going to end this long, long post by adding that I love Ms. Buncle's book, such a fun story.

  2. That is so exciting getting your book published. Can't wait to read it!!